Vegas Mastermind

Date: Saturday 4/6 & Sunday 4/7

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Q&A with Daymond John from Shark Tank

Conrad Reached $1 Million

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Meet Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank

Fastest Way To 7 Figures

Our goal is to help everyone achieve their financial goals. Our Masterminds allow you to meet our team but also meet other attendees that are on the same path as you.

The fastest way to achieve financial success is by putting yourself around others that have already achieved financial success.

  • Josh has achieved 8 Figures
  • Carlos had a $1 Million month
  • Conrad had a $100,000 month
  • Jason had a $1 Million month
  • Spencer had a $100,000 month
  • Justin quit his job
  • Zack has achieved 7 Figures
  • We have literally hundreds of testimonials

1-on-1 Help At This Mastermind

Lead generation business is the fastest way I found to 7 figures per year in revenue.

The most successful people we have worked with have attended a Mastermind. When you build a relationship with our team, you will be on a faster path to success.

We are changing our Mastermind strategy in 2024.

We will now work with each person individually so you have actionable steps to start making money when you leave.

At the Mastermind we will cover…

  • How to outsource your lead generation strategies
  • How to generate leads using free marketing strategies
  • How to generate leads using paid marketing strategies
  • How to generate leads via email marketing
  • How to generate leads using our Chamber of Commerce strategy
  • How to generate leads using virtual assistants
  • How to generate leads using lead generation software
  • How to generate leads using direct mail
  • The key to success is monetizing leads multiple times, so we will go into a lot of detail on this

Money & Marketing

Companies need 2 things to grow. MONEY & MARKETING

This is how we have been helping companies for decades.

When you tap into our existing infrastructure, your chances of success skyrockets!!

When you partner with a Shark, like I have, your chances of success skyrockets!!

Must Attend Event

If you are serious about building a 7 figure business in 2024 then this is Must Attend Event.

The #1 goal for this event is to work you 1-on-1 so we can understand what your strengths are.

We want to work with your strengths, so you can utilize them to be successful in this business and put you on a path to build your 7 figure business!!

The #1 thing most people are missing is guidance, 1-on-1 help and a path to go down with some hand holding.

That is what you will receive at this event!!

Thoughts on Phil Smith

Hundreds of Testimonials!

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